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Why was CBGF formed?2022-04-05T10:41:12-04:00

In early 2016, Canada’s Minister of Finance convened the Advisory Council on Economic Growth to examine the long-term potential of Canada’s economy. In February 2017, the Council released a series of reports with their recommendations for improving the prospects for inclusive economic growth in Canada.

Of their five interlocking recommendations to accelerate innovation and help more Canadian start-ups and SME’s achieve scale, they stated that Canada should build a value-added growth capital strategy focused on Canada’s fastest-growing firms. These initiatives would help Canada raise its global competitiveness, achieve inclusive growth goals and create a more resilient economy and labour force.

One of the fundamental problems they noted with Canadian innovation is that entrepreneurs are good at launching companies, but very few achieve significant scale. The reasons noted include a small and fragmented local market, shortages of experienced business talent, a lack of at-scale sources of growth capital, and an aversion to risk on the part of some of Canada’s established companies.

Part of this challenge in achieving growth is finding and hiring experienced business talent. Canada has relatively few companies that have scaled through all stages of growth and doesn’t possess a community of large companies to train this type of talent.

Another challenge that was identified is the limited access to value-added growth capital in Canada. As compared to their peers in the United States, more than twice as many fast-growing companies in Canada cited insufficient access to risk capital as their greatest concern. Learn more about CBGF’s history.

What is CBGF’s typical structure on investments?2022-04-05T10:43:31-04:00

We can be flexible with our structures to suit the company’s situation. We can invest via preferred shares, convertible shares or notes, notes or common shares. We typically seek a board seat and certain minority shareholder protections.

What industries does CBGF prefer?2022-04-05T10:45:26-04:00

We are unique in that we have a broad industry focus. We want to help growing Canadian companies driven by ambitious management teams. For example, our first two investments were in the fintech industry and auto repair sector which demonstrate our range.

What is CBGF restricted from investing in?2022-04-05T10:46:23-04:00

CBGF is restricted from investing in start-ups, real estate development, resource extraction, cannabis, weapons, and businesses operating in the insurance industry. Companies that provide services to these sectors are eligible.

CBGF cannot hold a controlling stake in a business, participate in a change of control buyout, or invest in a company headquartered outside of Canada. We prefer to avoid opportunities with a highly-levered balance sheet, as it restricts the potential for reinvestment.

What is CBGF’s typical Investment Size?2023-05-30T10:25:28-04:00

We make initial investments throughout our stated range of $5 million to $20 million in exchange for a minority stake in the company, with the ability to make follow-on commitments over the life of our investment.

How long is CBGF’s holding period?2022-04-05T10:48:44-04:00

Because CBGF has an evergreen structure, our holding period is not defined with specific time frames. The business owner can set the growth rate and business strategy that is best for the business, not necessarily a strategy and exit horizon dictated by an investor’s fund-level restrictions. The longer-term focus of the fund removes a lot of the pressure to put money to work and exit investments based on motivations or limitations at fund level. It will be the company’s decision when to exit, not ours.

What is the CBGF Talent Network?2022-05-30T16:23:08-04:00

The Talent Network is a collection of seasoned entrepreneurs, executives, advisors and mentors within CBGF’s network that can work with the management teams of the companies we back to help them reach the next level. This guidance can take the form of mentors, board roles, advisors, board chairs or consultants. We believe our network is a huge differentiator for companies backed by CBGF.

Do you partner with others?2021-03-04T14:00:05-05:00

Yes, our goal is to do what’s best for the company. We are happy to work with other investors with similar goals and aspirations.

Does CBGF invest in startups or negative EBITDA businesses?2022-05-30T16:25:07-04:00

CBGF’s mission is to invest in existing businesses that have strong entrepreneurial and management leadership, established customer bases, strong operations and some record of, or a clear path to profitability.

For clarity, the Fund is not targeting early-stage companies. We will evaluate and invest in companies that may not yet generate positive cash flow, but have a proven business model, run rate revenues over $5 million, and a clear path to profitability. Many established companies are prioritizing growth over short-term profit and are investing heavily in their business (e.g. product development, scaling their team, and sales marketing) to capitalize on their growth opportunity. When screening investment opportunities that are not generating positive cash flow, we spend a significant amount of time to understand its business model, the riskiness of its revenue streams, and the path to profitability before an investment is made.

Will CBGF participate in Balance Sheet Recapitalizations?2022-04-05T10:52:53-04:00

We may consider an investment to help a business repay debt or restructure its balance sheet, with an objective of freeing up cash flow and/or relieving covenant pressure to pursue growth strategies that could lead to follow-on investments.

Will CBGF participate in capital raises for Secondary purposes?2022-04-05T10:53:44-04:00

A majority of any CBGF investment is to be used for growth. One of the common barriers to growth we encounter are the competing goals of active management/shareholders and those of inactive or retiring shareholders. One group seeks growth and reinvestment, while the other is seeking to sell or to extract annual dividends from the business. This dynamic needs to be resolved before a business can make a commitment to an ambitious growth strategy.

Depending on the circumstances of any given transaction, up to 49% of CBGF’s overall investment could be used for shareholder buyout so long as the payout isn’t excessive (based on circumstances) and it facilitates an accelerated growth strategy.

How long does it take you to invest?2022-04-05T10:54:29-04:00

We work fast to match the pace of our entrepreneurial partners. Our process is streamlined, and our approval process resides in the fund. We typically close within 6 to 8 weeks of signing a term sheet. Many other firms work in 90-120 day time periods. We don’t need fancy presentations – we work with the information you readily have available.

Are you a Government entity, or Government owned?2022-04-05T10:55:15-04:00

No. We are an independent privately-owned private entity, 100% funded by Canada’s leading banks and insurance companies.

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