How CBGF Can Help Your Business Expand Internationally

Are you an entrepreneur in Canada eyeing international expansion opportunities for your business, but need the capital and expertise to help you achieve your ambitious plans? Look no further than CBGF. As a minority equity investor, we specialize in providing patient capital to a diverse portfolio of growing businesses across Canada. Beyond national borders, CBGF supports its portfolio companies to help them successfully scale on an international level.

Crafting a Successful International Expansion Strategy

The journey toward international expansion is a strategic leap that demands careful consideration. To capitalize on international demand and unlock significant growth in new territories, businesses need a robust strategy. CBGF provides support and advice to its portfolio companies, emphasizing the importance of evaluating key factors such as target geographies, required resources, market positioning, and more. 

Overcoming International Expansion Challenges

Embarking on international expansion presents a unique set of challenges, and businesses must navigate these hurdles to ensure success. CBGF helps Management teams evaluate critical considerations, including market congestion, potential lack of demand for products, hiring challenges, tax implications, and supply chain risks. Understanding and addressing these risks are pivotal to a smooth and successful expansion.

CBGF’s Support for Overseas Growth

CBGF doesn’t just stop at providing growth capital to help companies launch their global expansion plans; our network of business leaders and industry experts offers invaluable expertise in international markets. Our team has valuable business connections to help our Canadian clients with their international expansion. 

Importantly, CBGF remains a minority investment partner throughout the international expansion journey, ensuring that businesses maintain control over their vision.

Real Success Stories: Appnovation and Busbud

Two standout examples of companies that have expanded internationally, and continue to do so with CBGF’s support, are Appnovation and Busbud.

Appnovation, a Vancouver-based digital consultancy, has benefited from CBGF’s support. With offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Appnovation is a successful global operation. The consultancy’s innovative approach to digital strategy, user experience, and design has garnered recognition and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations across the globe.

Busbud, a Montreal-based travel services company, is another success story with which CBGF has partnered. Global travellers can purchase intercity bus tickets in over 80 countries worldwide with Busbud. CBGF continues to support Busbud with expansion, innovation, recruiting talent, acquisitions and financing. 

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Considering international expansion for your Canadian business? CBGF is a long-term, patient minority partner that can help you on this journey. With a wealth of industry expertise and a network of experienced business leaders, CBGF is committed to helping businesses thrive on an international scale. Contact CBGF today to explore how a growth capital investment can help you achieve your ambitious plans for growth on the global stage.