Unyte Announces Mike Kessel, CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada, as the Newly Appointed Chair of the Board

Unyte Health Inc. acquired Integrated Learning Systems (“iLs”) which provides a holistic brain training program for improving cognition and emotional health. Operating since 2007, iLs has established a strong network of healthcare professionals, selling to over 10,000 clinics, therapists, and psychologists servicing children with ADHD, autism and learning disabilities. The iLS acquisition adds 14 employees to the Unyte team based in Denver, Colorado, growing their team to 25 people across Canada and the United States.

Unyte Health Inc. is thrilled to announce Mike Kessel, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada, being named Chair of the Board of Directors. Jason Tafler, CEO of Unyte says, “It is really exciting to have Mike join as our Board Chair. Mike brings incredible depth of healthcare experience and expertise to Unyte, which will help us build momentum and grow our business.”

In addition to Mike Kessel, Jason Tafler continues to build a strong team for the Unyte head office with the addition of Lori Litman as VP, Marketing and Culture and Jonathan Tafler as VP, Strategy & Corporate Development.

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