Neovation Corporation is a full-service corporate learning and development company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Neovation provides Learning Management System software, educational consulting and design services for employee training. Neovation empowers compliance-related training, onboarding, health and safety training, and front-line product knowledge for hundreds of client companies and hundreds of thousands of learners world-wide.  The company’s complementary solutions and services suite, SmarterU, OttoLearn and Flare Learning, aim to help businesses build and enhance their eLearning ecosystem to improve training performance and drive effective, impactful, and measurable online education for their employees.

Founded in 2012, Neovation is led by its Founder and CEO, Dan Belhassen, who together with his strong leadership team, has grown the company to over 70 mostly remote employees, with the core administrative team operating out of its Winnipeg office.



Head Office

Winnipeg, MB

Invested Since

November 2021


Employee Learning & Development Services



Dan Belhassen, Founder & CEO