Paystone Inc. is a payments solution provider offering payment processing, gift card, and loyalty program services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Paystone manages and originates merchant accounts while also providing complementary products and services, including marketing automation tools, loyalty programs, payment terminals, and point-of-sale (“POS”) system integration platforms. Paystone’s solution combines customer engagement tools with payment processing so that merchants can manage their customer interactions all in one platform while proactively leveraging customer data to build relationships and grow their business. The Company currently serves nearly 25,000 merchant locations across Canada in many industries including hospitality, retail, services, healthcare, automotive and not-for-profit.

Founded in 2008, Paystone is led by its co-founders Tarique Al-Ansari (CEO) and Abdullah Saab (CFO), who have successfully scaled the business since inception. The duo brings extensive expertise in high growth B2B companies. CBGF believes that Tarique and his team have the skills and experience to continue to execute on their vision to grow Paystone into a leading provider of all-in-one payment solutions for SMEs.