Specialty Medical Partners (“SMP”) is a consolidator of independent cardiology, respirology and internal medicine healthcare facilities. Founded in Toronto, ON, Specialty Medical Partners’ healthcare platform helps physicians manage their assessment-based practices by reducing day-to-day administrative and operational burdens, allowing them to focus on their professional duties. SMP completed its initial acquisition of the Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre Group (“OCC Group”), a cardiology platform comprised of three clinics in Ottawa. Founded in 1987, the OCC Group is led by Co-Managing Partners who have a combined 70+ years of experience as medical practitioners. The OCC Group employs 16 medical physicians providing comprehensive cardiovascular care to a registered patient population of 280,000 patients.

Specialty Medical Partners is led by Co-Founders Michael Black (CEO), and Graham Neil (CFO), who bring extensive experience growing and operating successful healthcare roll-ups. Mike and Graham are joined by Olia Galeva (COO) and Dr. Krishna Sharma (Chief Medical Officer), who together possess the necessary experience and skills in healthcare consolidation to execute on their ambitious plans for growth.

Specialty Medical Partners

Head Office

Toronto, ON

Invested Since

February 2023


Healthcare Services


Michael Black, Co-Founder & CEO
Graham Neil, Co-Founder & CFO
Olia Galeva, COO
Dr. Krishna Sharma, CMO