STN Video is a Victoria-based operator and an industry leading digital video distribution platform, partnering with over 75 sports leagues and content providers (MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.) to deliver their official video highlights and content to over 1,800 publishers across North America including USA Today, The National Post, LA Times and Chicago Tribune. STN Video prides itself on giving publishers the content, revenue and technology tools they need to succeed in the digital world, while offering their video providers opportunities to grow, engage their fans and provide additional revenue opportunities from their advertisers and sponsors.

STN Video is led by Matthew Watson, CEO, who has extensive experience in scaling businesses and has been instrumental in growing the Company to its current position as the largest distribution platform of digital sports video content in North America (according to Comscore). The Company is well positioned to thrive by having established itself as a trusted partner of the leading publishers, content providers and advertisers in digital video.

STN Video

Head Office

Victoria, BC

Invested Since

May 2019


Digital Media



Matthew Watson, CEO