Kudos® Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is a mid-market and enterprise employee recognition and analytics company. The Kudos® platform allows organizations to leverage the power of peer-to-peer recognition to enable employee engagement, reinforce corporate values, reduce turnover, enhance culture, and ultimately drive productivity and performance. Kudos® provides businesses with real-time people analytics on organizational culture, performance, relationships, and behaviour. With these insights, clients can effectively assess pain points, drive performance amongst their teams, and develop a better understanding of their employee experience.

Kudos® is led by Muni Boga (CEO), Karim Punja (CFO), and Tom Short (CCO). The Kudos® leadership team brings decades of technology, product, sales, and marketing experience having scaled several organizations. Kudos® has grown from its inception in 2010 to enabling its clients in over 80 countries and 11 languages.


Kudos® Inc.

Head Office

Calgary, AB

Invested Since

November 2021


Employee Recognition Solutions




Muni Boga, Co-Founder & CEO
Tom Short, Co-Founder & CCO
Karim Punja, CFO